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At Richardson's Heating & Air, we are honored to be the local leading heating contractor for quality heating repairs. We offer the finest in quality workmanship for both residential and light commercial applications. This includes working on a variety of trusted name brands such as Rheem, American Standard, Lennox, Trane and so much more.

We genuinely believe in treating our customers the way in which we would want to be treated. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering service so good, you would recommend us to your mom. We stand behind the repair work we do and do not consider the job finished until you are 100% satisfied.

Addressing your need for heating repairs is something that should be handled in a prompt and professional manner. Ignoring the need for a fix can lead to much more serious issues, eventually resulting in the need for replacement, before it should be time. Let our dedicated team of experts provide you with the service work you need and the quality results that you should be able to expect.

Heating Repairs Experts

There are plenty of types of heating repairs that we take care of, especially since having been in the business since 1982. However, some are more common than others. What's often surprising to homeowners is how the most common of repairs, are often the ones that were, in large part, avoidable. Here are a few examples:

  • Changing your filter is something that should be done each month, especially during times of peak usage. This is one of the few inexpensive parts for your HVAC, as well as one of the few tasks you can make DIY. Neglecting to address this service need causes your airflow to become restricted and, eventually, blocked completely.
  • Getting regular tune-up and maintenance service is a great way to prevent emergency service needs. In fact, this will cut down on the likelihood of costly repairs, altogether. Paying for a tune-up is a much more cost-effective alternative to emergency repairs.
  • Unfortunately, having the wrong size system can lead to problems, pretty early on after installation. Make it a point to only work with an established and reputable industry expert, in order to ensure that you are not stuck with the incorrect size unit.

Best Local Heating Repair Service Around

Let us provide you with the heating repair work that you need, so you can feel confident about the final results that you will end up with. We look forward to having the opportunity to demonstrate to you, in person, how our company name has become synonymous with service excellence. Never settle for less than the best, for your heating services.

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If you are looking for a heating repair expert, please call 803-345-5221 or 803-945-9620. You can also complete our online request form.

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